Review on Million dollar baby


It s been a long time for finding a great movie . the plot is thrilled at first. You see a poor girl who keep practicing boxing .she did it very hard and paying all dues to do it . she did the waitress job in the daytime ,while went to gym after work until midnight. The leading actor, an old trainer looked down upon the girl .he refused to be her trainer, and took back his training bag until his boxer left him . He hoped to protect him from being injury by putting his champion competing match back. He thought the boxer is not ready for it . his over-protection made the boxer away .

Actually ,he kept asking the boxer to protect themselves in every match ,which does good to the boxer. However ,for many of them, maybe they need the chance to win ,to fight ,to show themselves than safety . If they had the chance to compete for themselves , it seems less pity to lose the healthy body, an eye, an arm, even the life.
 I was touched when he agreed to help the girl. She had miserable life ,which is a great motive for her to prove something .she had determination. She can bear tough life. Taking the leftover while at work, Chewing some bread on bus after the training. She got up at 4 every day , how many of you could do this ?They can . it recalled me a program delivered by Kobe. He had a scar story ,and he said no one think you can do it, but you should to prove you can do it ,then you make it . he knows the scenes in LA at 5 every day .its a long match ,right?
The girl made it .Her success is expected. You can feel her pride and happiness once she beat the rivalry. she deserves the cheers and applause and fame.
Until you saw her family . she bought mom a house which is not a surprise for the women. Cause she could lose the social security and medical funds from gov with the property of the big house. She didn’t get any compliment or care from them until her death ,even when she lost he ability to walk ,lying on the bed and living by a machine. Her family came to visit her after spending the whole week to Disneyland . the purpose they all came up is to exploit her , to see what else she could bring for her family . which is so ruthless that she told them never show up again. After the accident ,she seemed calm ,no yelling, complaining, she just ask for apology for not obeying the coach rule. She talked about a cabin , which just like the one her father took her to when she is little. And the coach was ready to find one after tasting the lemon pie there. She can stay with him, a loner, who had bad relationship with his daughter. But he can’t . she can’t neither. There is no meaning if life goes like this . she can’t move . it took hours for nursery to get her on the chair. She lost one leg for staying too much time on bed. She asked for euthanasia. He denied at first. It's a crime. He went for a priest which is helpless. He made up his mind to end her life after talking to his friend , a once boxer, who fight until lost his eye. Now he worked in gym ,doing cleaning job. He didn’t regret ,however, he had a chance to win at least. He told him the girl had fulfilled her dream. The accomplishments she got is something others who seek safety and common life hard to achieve. Her life is complete . what he says gets me thinking the meaning of life.
 The life has the meaning only if you get the thing you wanted ,you desired for or you ‘d say the life journey is a piss of shit without the fighting ,the shiny points

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